Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Great music is a big part of your big day.  Traditions are nice but by using new music you can make much more personal atmosphere to your wedding.

Welcome to listen to new wedding music!

Wedding Album by Minna Rask
is available on CD and music book. They both include two wedding marches and eight songs suitable for wedding church or reception.

1. Wedding March
2. Festive March
3. Sure
4. A Real Love Song
5. Together Through the Years Ahead
6. So Happy That I Cry
7. The First Day of the New Life
8. With the Man That I Love
9. Time To Love
10. Now You're Mine
11.-18. Backing tracks for the songs (tracks 3-10)

The CD is "2 in 1" CD as it includes backing tracks for the songs (tracks 3-10).

If you can't find a suitable song for your wedding from the CD you can order your own wedding song witch will tell your love story. You can choose the style the song would be: a pop ballad, a rock or country song of for example your own wedding salsa.

Ask for more details and prices from info(at)greatfeelings.net.
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Some of the song
(and four other songs)
are available also in Finnish in the
CD and notebook.

Listen to those versions at